With Halloween making it's way toward us, whether we're ready for Spooky Season or not, that means that every store in Wyoming is going to be chock full of Halloween goodies, from rubber eyeballs to bags upon bags of Reese's Cups. We'll gladly sock a bag of our favorite candy in our grocery cart or basket, without a ton of thought behind it. Nerds? Throw it in there. Snickers? Absolutely. Three Musketeers? Sure, why not?

The website Zippia, on the other hand, did something that should make us all ashamed. They searched Google analytics to find out what our favorite Halloween Candy is. I'm not a fan. I honestly feel slighted by this and it's everyone to blame for Googling this monstrosity of a Halloween snack.

We determined what candy is searched a disproportionately, high amount.

Now what Halloween treat should be all be embarrassed by? Swedish Fish. Ew, gross, who Googled that?! Apparently a lot of us, but, still, I think you owe a lot of people an apology. First off, who is going to willingly eat a Swedish Fish? It's a red, gooey, snack in the shape of a gross looking fish. Why is this a thing? Why couldn't we get something better from the Swedes?

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At least Colorado has worse tastes than we do. They decided to hang their hat on black licorice. Barf. I mean, I was expecting trail mix or some type of super healthy food, not something that is neither tart nor sweet and is kind of spicy somehow. But, it's Colorado, so go figure.

We have a whole year to Google a proper candy to not be embarrassed by the rest of the country, let's get back together in 2022.


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