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Wyoming is One Big Conspiracy According to the Urban Dictionary
There's plenty of conspiracy theories running amok these days and here's one more that has been said about the state of Wyoming whether it's people that take it as a joke that it is often meant to be, or if they actually believe it, but there are plenty of people outside Wyoming that do not believe that we are an actual state within the U.S.
Cheyenne’s Rail Yard Has the Best Name for Their Fall-Flavored Latte
Happy National Coffee Day, Cheyenne! It's only fitting that with that being today, we talk about everyone's (not mine) favorite fall-flavored drink, which of course is a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It just so happens that a local coffee joint in Cheyenne happened to drop their seasonal drink today and it has the best name ever!
‘Anywhere in Wyoming’ Listed as Best Vacation Spot for Couples
For any couple looking to make a quick getaway, usually you might have an idea in your mind of a specific location you would like to travel to. Perhaps a specific city is your destination. On a recent list published of cities that listed as the 'Best Vacation Spots for Couples', it turns out that one of those spots is literally, 'Anywhere in Wyoming'.

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