As of last Saturday, June 3rd, Billy Jack's Pizza and Pub has closed the doors of both Cheyenne locations for the foreseeable future.

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The establishment posted the update on its Facebook page today (June 5), alerting patrons of the closure, with promises to reopen with big changes "coming soon" for the Cheyenne restaurants.

Billy Jack's Pizza & Pub Temporarily Closed

Billy Jack's opened its first location in Cheyenne last summer. Their second location soon followed, opening in the Cheyenne Airport. Though the first (and only other Billy Jack's) is based out of Kearney, NE, the Cheyenne locations are locally owned and operated establishments.

The pizzas at Billy Jack's had unique spins on a classic pie. The Popper-Roni, for example, brought an element of Jalapeno Poppers to the pizza. And who wouldn't love their rendition of a Philly Cheesesteak - AKA The Big Philly Pizza? My tastebuds will miss their tantalizing twists on pizza and all the zesty flavors.

As to why the pizza shop closed, the Facebook notification gives no clear indication of a cause. After some super sleuthing (read: googling...), it's apparent the Nebraska location remains open at this time, so here's to hoping for a quick return here in Cheyenne. I'll admit it; I can't help but be excited by the restaurant's promise of returning to Cheyenne with "big things" in store!

So Long For Now, Billy Jack's!

I'm sad to see the delish pizza pies at Billy Jack's go. But we'll be seeing them again real soon if the Facebook announcement is any indication. What other restaurants were you sad to see leave Cheyenne? Share your thoughts in the poll below:

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