Christmas is coming, kids! Have your kids mailed their letter to Santa Claus yet? No worries, there's still plenty of time. And, if those letters arrive at Santa's super-special address in the North Pole, the kids might just get presents from Kris Kingle delivered in the mail.

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How? It's all thanks to the United States Postal Service and its Operation Santa Program. The annual program invites children from across the U.S. to write up their Christmas wish lists and have letters addressed and postmarked by December 11 to ensure they get to Santa at the North Pole for his review. After the letters arrive on Santa's desk, your little letter senders might just receive a gift in the mail from Kringle!

Here's How the Operation Santa Program Works:

  1. Kids write letters to Santa requesting affordable items on their Christmas lists.
  2. Parents mail the letter to Santa.
  3. Letters are adopted by a helpful Elf. These generous elves then mail a gift or two to the child.

How to Send a Letter to Santa (& What to Include in the Letter:

  • Write a letter to Santa and include affordable gift items for adopters to shop for. Tell Santa a bit about your child's favorite hobbies and colors, and make sure to write legibly.
  • Label your envelope with the child's (or your) name and full address in the top-left corner and fix a First Class stamp in the top right corner.
  • Label the envelope to arrive at Santa's address at 123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888
  • Families: Include letters in a single envelope (use extra stamps to account for the additional weight.)
  • Classrooms:  Send all letters individually.

Find more info on writing to Santa at or by clicking here.

Want to Adopt a Letter? Here's How:

You can adopt a letter by visiting the webpage or by clicking here. If you want a Wyoming-based letter specifically, click the 'filter' button and select 'Wyoming.' Gifts should be mailed no later than December 18 to ensure delivery by Christmas.

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