Have you ever been to the University of Wyoming's Knight Hall? If you have any businesses with the registrar's office, or maybe the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Knight Hall is the place to go.

But... you have to be as brave as a KNIGHT to be there at night.

The History of Knight Hall

According to historicwyoming.org, the red stone building with 3 floors and a basement that currently houses the university's administrative offices, began construction in 1940 and was completed in 1941 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

In the earlier days, the building served as a women’s dormitory for 31 years, housing over 1,200 women in 70 rooms, and by 1946, it expanded to a total of 120 rooms. The building was named in honor of Emma Knight who became the advisor of women in 1911 and later became UW’s first full-time dean of women in 1918. Knight Hall ended its journey as a dormitory in 1972.

The scarier part of this history is that it's been a long-told tale that Hoyt Hall, Ross Hall, and Knight Hall were built on the Laramie Cemetery. Indians as well as white settlers were buried in this cemetery. During a construction project of the parking lot between Knight Hall and the Library a few years back, remains were found of what was believed to be Indian settlers. Guess they didn't do a good job of removing the graves, and the spirits were unhappy about being disturbed! Oh, dear.

Due to this, it is said that entities of Native Americans have settled in Knight Hall, and are a bit upset that their graves were disturbed. I don't blame them!

They seem to be most active during the evening, especially in the basement, which it is said to be the spookiest place in this building. Some said they have heard the sound of beating drums, coming from some unseen ceremony, and some parts of the basement have a dense darkness that shuts out light, suggesting unseen presences.

As for the other floors, ghostly faces are said to be seen peeking in the windows, wailing sounds coming from outside the windows, and the feeling of being watched by some unseen presence. All these are said to happen especially during the evening hours.

I don't think I'd want to go to the building any time of the day. It's scary in the day because that's where accounts receivables are at, and you know... all the other stuff at night.

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