All of this came about when a woman in Australia wanted to celebrate her 35-year love of the retailer store, K-Mart.  The woman is going unnamed, but her love starts when she and her nan use to go shopping all the time and eat lunch at the cafe inside K-Mart. For the past 35 years, the unnamed woman has had so many memories that have impacted her life because of K-Mart, so she wanted to remember them.

Daily Mail interviewed the woman and got this quote, "It's done and I'm not regretting it one bit."

The internet reacted as well, "If she doesn't get discounts from this she's missing out on a huge opportunity."

Also, our morning show host, Chris Brooks, has a grilled cheese chasing a tater tot tattooed on his leg.  Chris was born and raised in Cleveland, Oh.  There is a restaurant chain in the state called, Melt Bar and Grilled, they specialize in grilled cheese.  They have a special discount program that if a person gets a grilled cheese tattooed on them, they get 25% off for life at the restaurant.

How would you represent Wyoming with a tattoo?

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