One of the top reasons why Wyoming is the best place to raise a family is low college tuition, according to

Being the least populated state helps out tremendously for being safe for families. Also, childcare is very inexpensive here, safe (crime wise, with 238 violent crimes per 100,000 people), and we are normally what they call a "fly-over" state, not anymore.

The top four other states for raising a family are Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, and Nebraska.

The worst place to raise a family is in Washington D.C.  They are last out of all the states due to high childcare costs and family poverty rate. Not far behind was Nevada, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Vermont.

To comprise this list, researchers calculated nine figures to find the best state to raise a family. The figures were a percentage of families, percent of families living in poverty, cost of childcare, cost of college, divorce rate, infant mortality rate, violent crime per capita, median household income, and housing costs as a percent of income.

Let's keep this a secret so other families from other states don't get any ideas and come invade our state.

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