Cheyenne Frontier Days can be downright magical at times. This couple seemed to really enjoy their time at CFD, so much that they were like, you know what? Let's get hitched. In a video on Tiktok, a really cool marriage proposal took place in front of the iconic Lane Frost statue.

I know a lot of people imagine how they would propose to their significant other to be, it starts creeping in your head a while in advance. Are you the type that wants to do it at a fancy restaurant and slip the ring in a glass of champagne? In front of the Eiffel Tower in France? You could even do a dance mob like it was 2006.

This cowboy couple decided that not only did they want to do it during the Daddy Of Em' all, but they wanted to do it in front of the iconic Lane Frost statue. Just check out this video from Tiktok. Try to tell me you're not getting at least a little bit misty watching this.

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I'm not crying, you're crying. It's dusty in here. I'm cutting onions. Ok, you get it, but this looks like the guy really thought it out and wanted to pop the question in a real cowboy way. I mean, the only other way he could have topped this, would be if it were at night and fireworks were going off behind him. But, who am I to critique his proposal. You hopefully only get between one to three opportunities to do that.

First Cheyenne Frontier Days 2021 Parade Marches Through Cheyenne

The first of four Cheyenne Frontier Days Grand Parades of 2021 marched through downtown Cheyenne on Saturday, to the delight of thousands of onlookers.
Saturday's procession marked the first CFD parade since 2019, as the annual western celebration was canceled for the first time in its history due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it appeared to be back with a vengeance on Saturday, with an endless array of marching bands, floats, riders on horseback, horse-drawn wagons, and other exhibits too numerous to mention.

The next CFD Grand Parade is scheduled for Tuesday (July 27) morning at 9 am, with additional parades slated for Thursday and Saturday mornings (July 27, 29, 31).

The parades will alternate with the Frontier Days Pancake Breakfasts which are slated for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings (July 26, 28, 30) at the Cheyenne Depot Plaza.

Scenes From the Cheyenne Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast July 26, 2021

Every Band That’s Ever Played At Cheyenne Frontier Days (UPDATED)

The Daddy of 'Em All is back and today we're looking back at over 50 years of concerts at Cheyenne Frontier Days. This list features every main stage musical act on the Frontier Nights stage at Frontier Park in Cheyenne, Wyoming since 1966. Courtesy of Daniel Long with the CFD Old West Museum