There are multiple options for you to figure out how to get to Frontier Park and enjoy Cheyenne Frontier Days. You can use rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft, taxis, or random transits through town. You can also drive around, obsessively trying to find that perfect spot to part in, in, or near Frontier Park (lots of neighborhood yards open up for you to park in, be courteous if you do this, no burnouts!). There's an easier way.

Visit Cheyenne and Downtown Cheyenne (Downtown District Authority) teamed up again this year for the Cowboy Shuttle. Now, this sounds like an incredible dance move that you would do during a night show, but it's also a really efficient way to get around Cheyenne during Cheyenne Frontier Days. You have two options to be picked up to head out to Frontier Park, you can be picked up at the Downtown Depot or the Park and Ride area off Missile Drive.

Here's the skinny on how it works. If you want to be picked up Downtown, you can park in the City Parking Garage(Jack Spiker) then boogie over to the Downtown Depot Plaza and look for the Trolley. The shuttle leaves the Depot at 20 after every hour. You can also be picked up at the Park And Ride area off Missile Drive(just make sure you're getting on a trolley, otherwise it's 10 bucks per carload instead of $1.50!). Park and Ride is picked up on the hour every hour. And if you're leaving Frontier Park, the trolley picks you up on the 40 of each hour.

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The cool part is it's just a buck fifty for your trip and they'll come back for you. You won't be awkwardly standing outside Frontier Park with your phone, waving it like a maniac, trying to find your driver. Do keep in mind that the service ends at 7 pm Monday thru Saturday and 5 pm on Sunday. But, hey, you get to ride on a sweet trolley. That's fun!

First Cheyenne Frontier Days 2021 Parade Marches Through Cheyenne

The first of four Cheyenne Frontier Days Grand Parades of 2021 marched through downtown Cheyenne on Saturday, to the delight of thousands of onlookers.
Saturday's procession marked the first CFD parade since 2019, as the annual western celebration was canceled for the first time in its history due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it appeared to be back with a vengeance on Saturday, with an endless array of marching bands, floats, riders on horseback, horse-drawn wagons, and other exhibits too numerous to mention.

The next CFD Grand Parade is scheduled for Tuesday (July 27) morning at 9 am, with additional parades slated for Thursday and Saturday mornings (July 27, 29, 31).

The parades will alternate with the Frontier Days Pancake Breakfasts which are slated for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings (July 26, 28, 30) at the Cheyenne Depot Plaza.

Every Band That’s Ever Played At Cheyenne Frontier Days (UPDATED)

The Daddy of 'Em All is back and today we're looking back at over 50 years of concerts at Cheyenne Frontier Days. This list features every main stage musical act on the Frontier Nights stage at Frontier Park in Cheyenne, Wyoming since 1966. Courtesy of Daniel Long with the CFD Old West Museum

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