Last year was pretty much the year of the hard seltzer. The demand for hard seltzers became so crazy, there was actually a shortage of hard seltzers at one point. So what are the top ones out their to drink during this summer? Let's find out...

Let me be blunt, I do not drink hard seltzers normally. I am primarily a beer drinker, so I'm not quite as familiar with what the best hard seltzers would be, which is why I'm deferring to a list that was recently published by Men's Health, in which they list the top 50 best hard seltzers to drink this summer.

Honestly, I had no idea that 50 different types of hard seltzers even existed, but sure enough, here are the top ten that Men's Health has listed as the best hard seltzers to drink this summer:

  1. Arctic Summer Ginger Lime Hard Seltzer
  2. Bud Light Seltzer Strawberry
  3. DC Brau Full Transparency Passionfruit Orange Guava Hard Seltzer
  4. Two Robbers Watermelon and Cucumber Craft Hard Seltzer
  5. Truly Hard Seltzer Blueberry & Acai
  6. Bud Light Seltzer Black Cherry
  7. DC Brau Full Transparency Raspberry Limeade Hard Seltzer
  8. White Claw Watermelon Hard Seltzer
  9. Arctic Summer Raspberry Lime Hard Seltzer
  10. Wild Basin Lemon Agave Hibiscus Hard Seltzer

As I mentioned, I'm not necessarily a hard seltzer drinker. I've only heard of the White Claw, Truly, and some of the domestic beer companies that are now producing their own. Some of those brands are only sold in certain parts of the country as well. But if you'd like to view the entire top 50 best hard seltzers, according to Men's Health, you can check out the full list here.

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