The popular hard seltzer, White Claw, is adding three new flavors as the hard seltzer continues over into 2020.

It's pretty safe to say that 2019 was the 'Year of the Hard Seltzer'. It got to a point where there was actually a White Claw shortage back in September of last year. But the popularity of the adult beverage has only continued to grow, and now they've released three new flavors to indulge in.

White Claw has added Tangerine, Watermelon, and Lemon to their flavor variety. The new flavors are available for purchase both individually and in a variety 12-pack. The variety packs sold by White Claw happen to be the top-selling flavor packs for any brand. They also happen to account for 63 percent of all hard seltzer sales.

It's the first time in 16 months that White Claw has released a new flavor. The company has been around since 2016, and its popularity has exploded every since.

Personally, I'm mostly a beer guy, but I don't mind the White Claws (or anything for that matter, I'll drink anything). But especially after coming out with a Watermelon flavor, I may have to stock up on some of the White Claw during my next liquor store visit. Unrelated, but also for the record, Watermelon is the best Jolly Rancher flavor and if you disagree, you're wrong, but that's neither here nor there.

Enjoy, everyone and as always, drink responsibly!

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