Last year at this time, hard seltzer became the drink of Summer 2019. It got to a point they were in so much demand, there was a shortage in the fall. But in 2020, the new hard seltzer craze might just be all about the new Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer coming this fall.

Before you start stalking the local liquor store hard seltzer shelves, you should know that it's not coming in the form of a White Claw or Truly, at least not yet anyway. Now that there's approximately about 37,384,683 (that number is facetious) hard seltzer brands out there, it was inevitable that someone would take on a Pumpkin Spice flavor at some point. It turns out that VIVE is the hard seltzer brand to do just that.

Just like your typical hard seltzers, it'll be available in 10 ounce cans with a 5 percent ABV. Six packs will be available in stores sometime next month for about $9.99. Unfortunately, at that time, none will be in Wyoming. It seems that Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee are the test markets for the new pumpkin spice hard seltzer.

Given the pumpkin spice craze that basic people tend to have, the fall flavored hard seltzers are sure to be available everywhere in no time. They'll probably be flying off the shelves.

Personally, I am not a fan of pumpkin spice flavored anything, so I think it's gross but I'm in the vast minority. I will stick to my normal flavors of beer that pumpkin spice has not ruined for me. But whenever pumpkin spice hard seltzer finally does come to Wyoming, I'll be happy as long as no basic pumpkin spice hard seltzer drinker trample me in the normal flavored beer aisle. Cheers, everyone!

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