After four years of work and $300 million, later the Wyoming Capitol Building will open back up on July 10th, 2019, according to Casper Star Tribune.

In 2015, renovation started on the 125-year-old Wyoming Capitol Building.  The renovation took longer than expected but the scaffolding will start coming down soon.  In April, all the final touches to the outside of the building will be made and ready for the re-opening in July.

Last year an update came out about the Capitol Building and it stated that the building will not be able to afford new furniture and audio/visual equipment.  On Thursday, it was said that there is enough money now to get new furniture and audio/visual equipment.  The equipment won't be ready for install by July 10th, so the audio and visual equipment will be installed during the fall and winter months.  This will be ready just in time for the Legislature's 2020 budget session in February.

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