Townsquare Media/Cheyenne is blessed to have 3 radio stations, 650 KGAB-AM, 101.9 KING-FM, and 106.3 Cowboy Country.  When going out and doing events for these stations we have company vehicles, one being a Jeep Renegade.  But there is a catch with the Renegade, it's a stick shift.

Now to most of you people here in Wyoming, you may not see a problem with that at all.  For our new morning show host Chris Brooks (28 years old), it is a problem.  He was asked to start taking the Jeep out for station events, and the young millennial had a problem with that.  Chris had to go to his neighbor down the hall, Glenn Woods, Host of the morning show on KGAB-AM, and ask Glenn if he would teach him how.

After Glenn calmed down from laughing he was able to collect his thoughts and was more than happy to teach Mr. Brooks.  After the two figured out a time and place, Glenn being Glenn, thought it would be a great idea to film the whole event for all the listeners to see.

See here it is folks, lesson number 1 of Glenn Woods teaching Chris Brooks how to drive a stick shift.  Or as Glenn calls it, "the millennial anti-car theft system."

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