It's not a Tuesday without a crazy question from my toddler. Today's inquiry? Well, he wants to own a tank. Not a fish tank, either. We're talking about an American Abrams M1A2.

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The things this kid thinks of. When I was his age, I just wanted the new Barbie Jeep set. The toy one. Where would we even park a tank? I can only imagine the insurance cost of such a beast.

Thankfully, I could talk him down to a reasonable second best - the Batmobile.

But all the same, I had to find out - is it legal to own a tank in Wyoming?


You CAN Legally Own a Tank In Wyoming...With a Few Caveats.

Don't go running to buy an M4 Sherman just yet. While you can technically own a tank in Wyoming, there are several rules you'll have to follow.

But It Can't Fire Explosives.

First off, any tank you own needs to be demilitarized unless you have a Federal Destructive Device Permit from the ATF. Destructive Device Permits are tough to get as a civilian unless you're a dealer in "destructive devices," which include tanks, grenades, and other explosives according to 26 U.S. Code § 5845) Without one, you can't own a fully-functioning tank. That means no firing ballistics on the interstate.

It Doesn't Count as a Vehicle. can't actually go on the interstate. Sorry, but in Wyoming, a vehicle has to weigh under 3,000 pounds to be street-legal, according to the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Most tanks weigh well above that - the M1 Abrams, for example, weighed around 55 tons (110,000 pounds.)

But You CAN Drive It On Private Land.

The rapper Kanye West, a former Wyoming resident, used a tank on his land. Business Insider described the Ripsaw EV2 as the "light-weight, go-fast super tank, " costing West more than $500,000 to own. If you're wondering, that tank weighs about 4.5 tons - or 9,000 pounds.

So, go ahead if you have the land and a nest egg of cash lying around. Get yourself a demilitarized tank. Just follow the AFT regulations (find them here) and WYDOT regulations, which you can find here.

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