In August, Dan and Amy Surdam purchased the Array School of Technology and Design.

Dan and Amy are already business owners in Cheyenne as they own the Stitches Acute Care Center.  Dan will serve as Cheif Strategic Officer and Amy as the Cheif Operating Officer for the Array School of Technology and Design.  The purchase made sense to them because they can continue to grow and do their own health care research right here in Cheyenne. Eric Trowbridge will still remain the CEO and will stay on the Advisory Board.

“We approached Array in March 2018 to help us design a telemedicine platform and from there began bigger discussion of acquisition. We are very thankful to the Board and team for all of the hard work to get Array to the successful place that it is. Our goal is to help create a highly desired and diversified workforce in Wyoming for Wyoming and by partnering on healthcare initiatives such as telemedicine advancement. We have followed Array since conception and strongly believe in the core mission and look forward to building on the success of the previous board, " Dr. Surdam said according to a press release.

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