If you see a GIANT peanut roaming the streets of Cheyenne the next few days, don't worry you're not going nuts, because Planters Mr. Peanut is in town.

The GIANT peanut on wheels has a name as well, the NUTMobile. TheNUTMobile arrived in town today, July 30th. They have a jam-packed day tomorrow, July 31st, as Mr. Peanut and his Peanutters will start their day in the Cowboy Country studios for an interview around 6:30 am with our morning show host Chris Brooks. Once that is over the crew will head over to the Laramie County Fair.

Mr. Peanut and the Peanutters will arrive at the fair in theNUTMobile around 8 am and will be there until 2 pm. They will have some nutty games to play for the kids, you can take pictures with Mr. Peanut and theNUTMobile, and you can try some Planters nuts.

The Peanutters this year will be Adri-Almond: she goes to school at the University of North Carolina and lives in Matthews, NC. Trail Mix Matt: he attends the University of Missouri and is from Buffalo Grove, IL. Maggiedamia: she goes to the University of Madison-Wisconsin and her hometown in Plymouth, WI.

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