Last week lesson #2 took place.  KGAB's morning host, Glen Woods, took Chris Brooks, 1063 Cowboy Country morning host, for another drive to teach him how to drive standard.

Recap of last week:  Chris, 28 years old, needs to learn how to drive a stick shift because he needs to drive the company car.  Glenn Woods took the young millennial under his wing to teach him the ways.  The first lesson started off rough and then ended well.

This week recap:  Glenn wanted to get out of the parking lot and get Chris on the open road.  They went to the outskirts of town, where there isn't much traffic so Chris could learn how to upshift and downshift.  The two spent almost an hour out there, Glenn was so impressed with how Chris was doing that he had the idea for him to just drive the vehicle all the way back to the station.  That's when things get shakey, complete pun intended.  Watch the video to see what we mean.





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