Winter is the time of year when I use eggs the most. I'll usually go through two dozen eggs a week by the end of January between baking cookies, frying up New Year's Day pancakes, and throwing together a plate of Deviled Eggs.

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This year, my wallet wasn't too pleased with the idea of buying all those eggs. So imagine my shock when I strolled into Walmart and found a dozen eggs above $4 for the generic brand! Ouch!

Where to Find Inexpensive Eggs in Cheyenne

I'm not afraid of shopping around for the best deal, so I kept looking. Naturally, buying eggs in bulk at Sam's was the cheapest option, but not everyone has a Sam's Club membership. After some research, I was surprised that the most affordable dozen eggs in town weren't at Walmart or King Soopers. The least expensive eggs in town are actually at Natural Grocers.

The Average Cost of Eggs in Cheyenne Stores

As of writing this article, a dozen large eggs in Cheyenne range from $3.49 to just under $7, according to the websites of Cheyenne's grocery stores.

  • Natural Grocers: The cheapest eggs are $3.49 for non-members and $2.99 for members.
  • King Soopers: The cheapest dozen large eggs are around $3.69.
  • Albertson's: The cheapest dozen large eggs are around $5.79.
  • Safeway: The cheapest dozen large eggs are around $5.29.
  • Walmart: The cheapest dozen large eggs are around $5.02.

If you have a Sam's Club membership, you can get two dozen eggs for about $5.98 - or $2.99 a dozen.

Why Are Eggs So Expensive Right Now?

CNN reports that egg prices have skyrocketed over the last year due to a deadly Avian Bird Flu virus, the increased cost of feeding poultry, and energy-related costs for producers. In addition, as supply goes down, demand has increased, contributing to the high egg prices in grocery stores.

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