What is a Neighborhood?

Neighborhood is a word we often hear, but it doesn't really have a standard meaning. Wikipedia describes them as "social communities with considerable face-to-face interaction among members." That seems like a fancy way of saying that it's an area where life is more similar than other areas. For example, the Ranchets neighborhood in northern Cheyenne is more rural than the East Pershing/Alexander Ave neighborhood in the middle of town.

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The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Cheyenne

Cheyenne, like any city, is made up of many different neighborhoods. While none of them are as famous as SoHo in New York City or Five Points in Denver, Wyoming's capital city has about 20 neighborhoods that its nearly 65 thousand residents live in.

Neighborhood Scout scoured the information on the Chey-town neighborhoods that make up the 32.37 square miles of the city to find where the most expensive places are to live. We're talking about real estate here, not the price of milk or anything. That kind of stuff is pretty uniform across the city.

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