Neal McCoy's bus broke down on I-80 for 12 hours, 30 miles outside of Rawlings, Wyo Saturday evening/Sunday morning.  There were no diesel mechanics anywhere, so Johnathon from Rocky Mountain Truck Centers came to the rescue.

After driving two hours with the wrong part, Johnathon had to tow the bus to his shop in Cheyenne. The truck needed a new turbocharger and the closest one was in Denver.  They finally received the part and fixed it after nearly two days of being here.

The mechanic that worked on the bus was the brother-in-law to our very own Rob, you have heard him on the weekends. Not only did Rob gush like a school girl over Neal but he got to hang out with Neal, take some of his bandmates to Frontier Mall and then drive them to Denver International Airport.

We have recently found Rob on the side of I-80 hoping another band breaks down so he can meet them and have another great story to tell.

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