This Friday evening, September 21st, under the BIG TOP roof of Little America, the Boys and Girls Club will be hosting Dancing with the Stars of Cheyenne.

The theme this year is "The Greatest Showman," which is a musical about how the Barnum and Bailey Circus started.  There will be more than just dancing, guests will be treated to juggling, trapeze artists, and maybe a lion jumping through a hoop. Professional dancers from Reformation Dance Company, Ballet Wyoming, and Act II Studios will be paired up with local celebrities.

The contestants are:

Samm Caselli from Taco Johns International w/Terri Applegarth

Brenda Elliot from McGee, Hearne and Paiz w/Jonathan Hedger

Mary Jane Strickland from Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce w/Giovanni Pinto

Scott Horgen from Dyno Nobel w/Heather Hansen

Kevin Ogle from CRMC w/Tenacity Bircher-Wade

Tanr Tempel from Western Vista w/Casey Dalton

Reserve your 'RINGSIDE' seat today.

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