January 3 is National Fruit Cake Toss Day, a day to us to throw a fruitcake as far as you can. Yes its a thing, on the internet anyways.

After those special holidays that end each year, is there a perfect time of year to toss out those boat anchors someone gifted you? They're such a bad choice for a gift we don't even want to RE-gift them, but ...

Cheyenne has 5 good choices for fruitcake launch locations:

1. Lake Absaroka - They say fruitcakes can last forever, but I bet Lake Absaroka could kill one in three days.

2. That Water Tower on the North Side - Let's just see how far it carries from the top. Many of us always wanted to climb up that thing anyway.

3. Into a Flame at the Refinery on the South Side - How would that smell?

4. To One of Terry's Bison for a Snack - If a bison eats it, be far enough away in case it's mad at you.

5. Two words: Train Tracks - See if a fruitcake can possibly flatten like a penny.

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