In July of 1987, Dale Brisby started his rodeo career. In 2013, Dale's career really took off as he shared his bull-riding gypsy ways on YouTube.

Dale is getting very popular in the rodeo community with the younger generation. He has his own YouTube channel, along with his own YouTube show, Rodeo Time. He is the Ranch Manager at Radiator Ranch Cattle Company, Ranch Manager at Brightstar Ranch and CEO of Rodeo Time Inc. "He's known for getting 90 in Maine, Spain, Spokane, and Ala-bame." He is that one friend you tell that he plays too much but you're having so much fun you don't care.

On a more serious side of Dale, he has his Master's degree in Agriculture from Texas A&M.

Dale made his way to Cheyenne Frontier Days, he tried getting in on the bull-riding competition but he was told the riders were too afraid of him. So, Dale hung out at the Daddy Of Em All and had a good time, take a look.

If you want to get to know Dale better, watch this interview to find out everything you need to know about Dale Brisby.

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