You may not realize it, but Wednesday, August 19th is National Potato Day. I'm sure everyone had that marked on their calendar. What you also not realize is what Wyoming's favorite potato dish is.

Zippia recently researched Google Trends to find what each state's favorite potato dish is and Wyoming's is in a league of their own with its favorite. Well, us and West Virginia. We'll go on pretending they copied off us. It turns out that Potato Soup is our favorite potato based dish. In fact, us and those followers in WV were the only states to pick soup.

The most popular potato dish are varieties of fries. There were 20 states that picked something of the fry variety as their favorite dish. And they were several varieties to choose from: Cheese fries, waffle fries, curly fries, garlic fries, crinkle cut fries, steak fries, Belgian fries, shoestring fries, truffle fries...and to quote Bubba from 'Forrest Gump', "...That, that's about it."

Varieties of mashed potatoes were a favorite of seven states while six states choose to have their potatoes in the form of casseroles. To my surprise, hash browns did not show up in any state. What's wrong with people?

Regardless, I'm sure you've had Wednesday circled on your calendars for month so feel free to starch it up and devour your favorite potato themed dish while you celebrate National Potato Day!

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