Halloween in Wyoming. 70 and warm? 25 and snow? Who knows...

According to the latest weather forecast, it's going to be on the chillier side across Wyoming. Temps are likely in the low 40s or high 30s during peak trick-or-treating time.

Here's a handful of tips to keep you, and your trick-or-treaters warm this Halloween!

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    Costumes In Layers

    This may seem obvious, but plan your costumes accordingly for Wyoming weather. The younger your trick-or-treater, the more layers are necessary. Costumes need to be able to go over warm clothes. Or you could just dress as an Eskimo, ski instructor, or bank robber.

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    Candy Bags

    If your candy bag is lightweight with poor handles, add some pre-trick-or-treating candy to help add some weight. The last thing you want is for your bag to fly away in the Wyoming wind. Good handles are key.

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    Portable Beverages

    Grab some to-go coffee, hot chocolate from your favorite shop. Or, if you have your own prepare at home. A warm beverage in your vehicle can make a huge difference.

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    One of the biggest mistakes you can make is ignoring your feet in the cold. Grab some wool socks or layer the socks on. Even if the rest of you is warm, it's no fun to have cold feet.

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    Bring A Blanket

    Even if it screws up your costume, Wyoming folks won't judge you if you need to wrap yourself in a blanket. If you have young kids, make absolutely sure you have a few blankets available.

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