Congratulations to Lauren Haiar for heading to the national Poetry Out Loud competition in April.

Lauren attends Sundance Secondary School in Sundance, Wyo where she is a senior.  This is her third year in a row for winning the state poetry competition.  Participants in the competition must read three poems, one must have been published before the 20th century, the other one must be fewer than 25 lines, and competitors can submit one they have written.

"I'm planning on writing something. I think having the judges see the way that you've formatted things and the different punctuation you've used is a really important part of poetry. I like to showcase that in the writing itself, rather than just hearing it read," Lauren tells Wyoming Public Media.

When Lauren was in the competition last year she won 1st place in nationals with an original poem she wrote.

Lauren will be graduating this year and instead of pursuing writing or poetry she will learning about health science as she would love to be a medical laboratory technician.

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