Starting a business is not easy, regardless of where you're located. But it turns out that if you happen to be in Wyoming, you're in a decent spot to have some success.

Many factors determine whether or not your business can succeed or fail in any location. Luckily the busy people at 24/7 Wall Street did the research for us and showed that the state of Wyoming happens to rank in the top ten among all fifty states in where you can start a business...Okay, so they actually were 10th overall, but that's still top ten.

One key reason why Wyoming ranks so high is because of its favorable tax climate. In fact, the Tax Foundation ranked us as having the best tax climate in the country. Wyoming's business costs in general were also very favorable, as was the state's infrastructure.

Wyoming also has the shortest average commute time for work, so it's probably best if you come up with a better excuse next time you show up late to work.

Massachusetts finished at the top of the list as the best state for business, while our neighbors to the west (Utah) and south (Colorado) finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Successful startup companies are Utah's star player, while Colorado's is their highly educated workforce.

It seems we're in a good region for business in general. We'll certainly take it.

You can find the rest of the list by clicking here.


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