Starting a new business can be very challenging regardless of where you are throughout the country. However, it just so happens that if you're in the vicinity of the city of Cheyenne, you're in a pretty prime spot for it.

WalletHub recently released a list and map of where the top cities in the U.S. are for starting up a business. Of those nearly 1,300 cities in the study, Cheyenne was ranked as the 20th best small city in all of the country to start up a business. This is certainly no small feat for any business, especially after what we went through with the pandemic in 2020.

While there are certainly benefits to starting your own business in a city, such as stronger relationships in a smaller community and the potential for lower overhead costs, there can also be several disadvantages such as having it tougher to make strong networking connections in a city with fewer residents or having a less diverse customer base. You may even have trouble keeping your top talent. It's because of these disadvantages that it makes being near the top of the list such a prestigious accomplishment.

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Some of the main determining factors that helped Cheyenne earn its ranking were the fact that it finished tied for first with the most startup businesses per capita which show that there's plenty of entrepreneurship throughout the Cheyenne community. The city also ranked 45th overall in its average length of the workweek. Essentially, that means we're putting in plenty of work hours during the week compared to some others that may not work as many in contrast. It goes along with the cliche that you work hard to play hard and shows the level of commitment to work ethic throughout the city.

In terms of average growth in the number of small businesses, Cheyenne came in at 168th. Again, with the sample size of nearly 1,300 cities that were listed in the research, that ranking is certainly much closer to the top of the list. In terms of 'Business Environment', Cheyenne ranked 13th overall. This is certainly showing the strong relationships businesses have built throughout the Cheyenne community, which of course is a big deal for any city, as previously mentioned.

So if you're an entrepreneur looking to start up a new business, Cheyenne seems like quite the hotspot for it.

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