A couple of ranchers in Green Mountain, Wyoming came across a wild horse that was tangled up in the barbed wire fence.

According to the video, the horse appeared to be stuck for quite some time and eventually got tired. Two men were able to cut the barbed wire and free the horse. Once the horse was free it was scared and tried to run away but fell immediately. It seemed maybe the horse's leg may be hurt due to the accident with the fence.

One guy was able to comfort the horse, get it to calm down and trust him. It looked like one back leg was worse than the other. So, the plan was to tie a rope around the horses back legs and pulled it over with a 4-wheeler and get the horse on its strong side to get up and move.

The plan was successful, the horse got up, tried to run away but its legs were still weak. It stood there for a second, maybe was thinking 'thank you' as the horse looked back at the people and went on its way.


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