Back in March, Wyoming was the only the state in the nation to receive an 'F' for social distancing. It appears that we're making strides as the latest research has brought our grade up to a D+.

In late March, Unacast released grades for each state based on social distancing. They did this using used cellphone positioning (by using certain apps in smartphones), along with number of reported cases in each county to help determine the grades for each state. Other metrics used in the research involved 'sheltering in place' and also measured distances of travel.

The updated grade of a D+ for Wyoming is already misleading, seeing as how we came in ranked 12th overall for social distancing, just ahead of Oregon and right behind Idaho. The latest data says that since the failing grade that Wyoming had in March, distances have increased 6 percent for residents in the state.

Interpersonal encounters in Wyoming have also dropped a whopping 94 percent, which helped our state receive an 'A' as far as that category goes.

Compared to other states, Wyoming vastly improved, while other states seemed to have dropped substantially when it comes to the harsh level of grading. A total of 11 states are now failing in terms of social distancing. There were only 10 states that received a 'C', which was the highest grade given. Obviously, there's no curve when it comes to this grading system. Wyoming was one of 29 states in the 'D' range overall. It seems that whatever parent/teacher conferences we had around midterms helped us get to May with a D+.

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