A little over five months ago, we had never heard the term 'social distance' but it's a different time now and since the pandemic 'began' for the U.S., how is our state doing social distance-wise? According to one source, Wyoming's a little below average.

A new study by Top Agency based social distancing statistics (if that's a thing) on number of interactions we're currently having on a daily basis when compared to the number of interactions we had on average back in 2019, which feels like it was ten years ago.

According to this particular statistic, Wyoming is having approximately 57.6 percent of normal interactions that we had in the year prior. That percentage has Wyoming ranked 30th overall on the listing of states in the country. The average for the country is right around 52 percent.

To compare the other ends of the spectrum, South Carolina, which is doing the worst in social distancing on this list is having 87.6 percent of its normal interaction. Alabama, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Mississippi all finished just barely better than them to round out the five worst states with all having over 77 percent of normal interactions. Obviously, none of those states are social distancing very well at all...Yikes!

In contrast, California is doing the best job of social distancing having only 22.5 percent of interactions that they would have the year prior. They were followed by Nevada, Illinois, Arizona, and Washington. It's important to note that despite some of those states having been hot spots for Covid-19, these statistics have been updated to the last week, when those states were adhering to social distancing guidelines because of previously being hots spots.

Regardless of where you are, please stay safe out there, Wyoming!

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