Cheyenne Regional was one of the nine hospitals in Wyoming penalized for readmission rates, according to Gillette News Record.

What this means for the hospitals is that a percentage of funding that comes from Medicare for the hospital will be lessened.  800 Hospitals across the country were penalized for this action.  This is the fifth year in a row that Cheyenne Regional, Wyoming Medical Center, Campbell County Memorial, and Evanston Regional were penalized for high readmission rates.  Wyoming Medical Center has never been penalized by the government until now because last year they acquired Casper's Mountain View, which was second-highest for readmissions in the state.

The penalty works like this, when you go to the hospital and use your insurance card, your insurance is supposed to pay for a certain percentage of the hospital visit.  When a hospital is penalized they will not receive all the money that they are supposed to get for the visit.

The hospitals in Wyoming that were penalized:

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