Wyoming elementary schools average 17 students per classroom, high school classrooms average 19.6 students, according to MSN.

Last year in 2018, Wyoming had roughly 580,000 residents. It cost the state in 2016 $16,442 per student. In 2014, the student to teacher ratio was 12.4. IN 2017, the average graduation rate was 86.2% which is just below the national average of 84.6%

INSIDER used data collected by The National Center for Education Statistics and broke down all the states and the average number of students per classroom by elementary and high school. In 2002, overcrowding of classrooms was a real big issue. It was so bad in Florida that they made an amendment stating there can only be 22 students per classroom for elementary and 25 students per classroom for high school.

Vermont was the only state to have fewer students per classroom. Elementary schools in Vermont average about 16.6 students per classroom. The high school classes average about 19.8 students per class. Nevada and California seem to have the most students per classroom. Nevada averages about 25.3 for elementary classrooms and the high school averages about 34.5 students per classroom. California averages about 25 students per elementary classroom and the high schools average about 35 students per class.

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