Now, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will recognize you if you catch a trophy-sized fish, according to Sweet Water Now.

They are starting the Master Angler program. There are 24 eligible fish to catch and 5% of those fish are trophy fish. Once the fisherman catches the fish, they then have to measure the fish from the snout all the way to the tail. Then, take a picture of the fish from the side alongside a ruler or an object to show the size of the fish. Send that photo with your information, what kind of fish it was, and where you caught the fish to the Wyoming Game and Fish website.

Each type of fish has different requirements for being a trophy fish, see the website for details. If you catch one trophy-sized fish then you will receive the honor of being a master angler, a sticker specific to the fish you caught, and your name will be on the Game and Fish website. If you catch five different types of trophy-sized fish you get the master angler rewards and a medallion. If you catch 10 different trophy-sized fish you are the ultimate angler, you get all the prizes from the first two achievements and special prize packages.

This program will get underway on June 1, 2019.

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