A recent court ruling could lead to women in Wyoming and surrounding states being able to be topless in public, according to KUTV2.

This all came about when Brit Hoagland and Samantha Six of Fort Collins, CO sued the city because women can't take off their shirts in public but men can. The attorney representing the women said that women not being allowed to be topless in public is an "attack" on equal rights.

This is what Brit Hoagland told KUTV, "everybody should be able to be comfortable on a hot day and if that means taking their shirt off so be it. No matter how you look, you should have the same freedom at the person next to you. And it’s also about equality. Addressing small parts of inequality can make a big difference in how people are treated on a day to day basis, and I thought free the nipple was just one small step closer to how it should be."

This was a federal court ruling and was held by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals which covers six states Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

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