Whiskey Vault recently tasted, reviewed and compared Wyoming Whiskey Statesman to Wyoming Whiskey Classic on their YouTube page.

The two hosts of the show are Daniel and Rex, they have tasted and reviewed hundreds of Whiskeys from all over the world. If you are wanting to try Whiskey or maybe try different kinds these are the folks that will tell you which ones are good or not. With over 200k subscribers on YouTube and some videos over millions of views these two guys are the ones to trust when it comes to Whiskey.

Before the two taste and review the Whiskeys they actually give a little back story about the Whiskey company. Now it is time to taste, they claim that Wyoming Whiskey Statesman has a hint of mint in it (from the smell). After they sniffed it a little longer they both agreed it gave the appearance of a real rich tea. These guys actually teamed up with Wyoming Whiskey to make their own.

At the beginning of the video, the guys name Patrick Larkin the Magnificent Bastard as he has now donated several bottles of Whiskey from Wyoming for these guys to try.

Whiskey Vault is actually a Whiskey Marketing School in Austin, Tx that these guys run.


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