The National Weather Service just announced that Laramie has the highest chance of flooding in the state this spring.

They are expecting so much flooding due to all the snow that fell in the Laramie Basin and Northern Colorado. Starting this week, the Laramie Basin sits at 144% of the median for this year.  In Colorado, the South Platte Basin had a 110% of its yearly median.

On top of all that snow melting, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expects heavy rainfall over the next three months. Wyoming is expected to be the state with the highest amount of rainfall in the country.

They are expecting the flooding to start in the middle of May and go until June. It is said that the highest risk of floods are multiple days when it is hot weather followed by rain.

“That’s the double whammy that we don’t want to see. That would really bring the water down into Laramie quickly,” Jim Fahey, Hydrologist for the National Weather Service told Laramie Boomerang. “But all you really need is three days of really warm temps.”

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