Make your way on over to the Town of Manville, Wyo if you want to try the best tasting drinking water in Wyoming, according to Lusk Herald.

At the 28th annual Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems Technical Conference and Industry Trade Show judges came together to taste which water was the best drinking water in the state. Over 600 licensed water and wastewater operations specialist were on hand during this four-day event. During the four days, there were several classes and sessions of teaching folks how to maintain a great quality of water.

Every year water quality is tested amongst the states, it is judged by clarity, odor, and taste. Whoever produces the best water in their state will represent their state at the National Great American Taste contest. Each year it is held during the National Rural Water Rally in Washington D.C. In 2018, the Town of Saratoga, Wyo came in the top 10 for the best tasting drinking water in the country.

The Town of Manville will represent Wyoming in February of 2020 at the National contest.

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