When are you planning to eat Thanksgiving dinner? I don't mean the day. Most people, if they are celebrating, will do it on Thursday. I'm talking about time. What time is dinner?

I'm not asking for me, don't worry about setting an extra place. But, it turns out that there is a best time to sit down to piles of potatoes and turkey.

Marie-Pierre St-Onge, who is an associate professor of nutritional medicine and center director for the American Heart Association-funded Go Red for Women Strategically Focused Research Center told The Huffington Post that if you are going to go for it on Turkey day, best make it an early meal.

“It’s easier to adjust throughout the rest of the day if you’ve overeaten at an earlier meal,” St-Onge said.

The key they say is to leave plenty of time between eating and going to bed. St-Onge said that having large meals close to bedtime means you may have undigested foods in your gastrointestinal system that can potentially lead to some gastric reflux in folks who are prone to that.

Experts also say that moderation and exercise are important on Thanksgiving Day, just as they are the rest of the year.

So maybe the key to a great Thanksgiving is to have a big turkey brunch, then go for a walk, then take a nap.

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