The way that title is meant to be said is as if it were a bit in a Jerry Seinfeld stand-up comedy routine. It's not an attempt to start some weird debate. However, a recent study found that in Wyoming, people are quitting their job more than almost anywhere.

The data researched by Zippia, which was taken from August of 2019 to avoid Covid-19's impact as well as the holiday seasonal positions, showed that Wyoming finished 6th overall on the list for states where people quit the jobs the most.

The research takes into consideration three factors: a job opening rate, a hire rate, and a quit rate. Wyoming tied for 3rd in the nation for its quit rate which led to their overall spot being where it is.

Alaska, North Carolina, Arizona, Louisiana, and West Virginia finished as the five states ahead of us that seem to have even more quitters overall.

There's several reasons why people may quit their job. Most of the time, it's because people are trying to aim up and better themselves by leaving their current job and pursue another one that's better. Or perhaps that's just the optimist in me hoping that's the case for most people. In the long run, we all want something better and something more, so we're moving forward with bigger aspirations. That definitely sounds corny, but we seem to be a glass half full type of state.

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