Today (July 21st) is National Junk Food Day so feel free to indulge in your favorite not-so-healthy, guilty pleasure. In case you've ever wondered what Wyoming's favorite junk food is, luckily Zippia did the research for us to find out just what that is for every state.

I must say, I was definitely surprised when I saw what Wyoming's favorite junk food was, mainly because I never really considered this to typically be considered 'junk food'. But for Wyoming, it seems to be Sunflower Seeds. Both Wyoming and North Dakota had that labeled as their favorite junk food.

It's not exactly the sexiest junk food to devour. For the record, there's so many things wrong with the last five words in the previous sentence that I wrote, but I think you get what I'm saying.

The most popular junk food (the junk food that was the favorite of the most states) seems to be Oreos. Five states picked those as their favorite (Hawaii, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and Virginia). That one makes a lot more sense. It's probably the favorite of cookie brands. However, in Missouri, Grandma's Cookies were the pick, which is a brand, they didn't pick their own grandmother's cookies. That would've been oddly specific.

Shockingly, popular candies such as Butterfingers, M&Ms, Twizzlers, and Reese's weren't the pick of any state. The fact that Reese's weren't a pick leads me to believe there is a decent margin of error in the polling somewhere, since that would be my pick. Regardless, enjoy National Junk Food Day! Indulge responsibly, everyone.

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