Seeing as how it's still 2020 for the many hours, it's kind of left us lashing out at all the things we didn't really like about everything in general, including fast food. While everyone definitely has their personal preferences, we now know what the most hated fast-food chain in Wyoming is.

According to Eat This, Not That, the data that found the most hated fast-food chain in every state was extrapolated by 180,000 negative geotagged tweets on Twitter and mapped out. In Wyoming, it seems that Taco Bell was the most hated fast-food franchise.

Really? Taco Bell? C'mon people. Yes, I get it, they took away the Mexican Pizza (that didn't bother me) and some other menu items, but they kept everything that counts, like the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Not to mention, they just brought back Nacho Fries and added a few other menu items. Now is the wrong time to be ragging on Taco Bell.

It seems that eight other states, along with Wyoming picked Taco Bell as their most hated fast food. But that wasn't the franchise that got the most hate. Burger King was the most hated fast-food chain in 15 states. I guess now is not a good time in history to eat flame-broiled burgers or something. Or maybe they just hate the King from the commercials. They just weren't having it their way.

McDonald's received the second-most hatred with 11 states picking them as their most hated fast-food franchise. Looks like those weren't lovin' it. Wendy's, KFC, Arby's, Sonic, Subway, and more showed up on the list. And yes, even Chick-fil-A got some hate. So no one was safe really. Everyone needs to hate something I guess. Of course, we could just chalk it up to the fact that 2020 brought out the hatred. Can we just say that instead? Yeah, we'll just say that.

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