If someone asked you the weirdest town name in Wyoming, could you tell them?  Now you can, thanks to Apartment Therapy, the weirdest town name is Chugwater.

There were quite a bit of town names to chose from like, Ten Sleep, West Thumb, Recluse, and even a town named Story.  Chugwater was pretty normal compared to other names across the country.  In Texas, they have a town named Ding Dong, Arkansas has a town called Toad Suck.  It's only fitting that West Virginia has a town named Booger Hole, some may say that should be the whole states name but that's another topic.  Montana and Washington must like things big because Montana has a town named Big Sag and Washington has one named Big Bottom.

If you are on Highway 25 going north, don't blink you may miss Chugwater.  It only has a population of 203 residents.  But, make sure you try to drive for the Chili cookoff, you won't be disappointed.

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