There were lots of things we were all limited from doing due to the pandemic during 2020. A couple of things were going to bars for a drink and going to the gym for a workout. But which one of these things did we miss the most in Wyoming for the past year?

According to a recent survey from American Addiction Centers, over one-third of Wyomingites missed drinking at their local bar more than they did going to their local gym in 2020. Maybe that's not all that surprising since one may be seen as more leisurely enjoyable than the other. Of course, that also depends on how much of a gym rat you might be as well.

I'm glad these two specific privileges were the topics of choice to debate. They each involve a couple of my personal favorite things. I happen to do quite a bit of cardio on a regular basis, so I enjoy the gym as much as almost anyone. That being said, I also love having some drinks every now and then. So personally, I find it to be very applicable.

However, another factor to add personally is drinking-at-home vs. working out-at-home. Obviously, a big aspect of why a lot of people go to their favorite local bar is the social aspect of it. That's what it is for me anyway. Drinking at home alone is definitely less fun. But working out at home is more enjoyable for me. As a runner, I like running outside more than I do on a treadmill at the gym. Not to mention, you don't have to worry about machines being taken up by someone else since you're at home working out by yourself. Therefore, I would go along with that roughly one-third of Wyomingites that missed the bars more than the gym since the start of the pandemic.

However, if you're in Delaware or Connecticut, it seems that 4 out of 5 people missed their local bars more than the gym. They're just drinking a lot up in the northeast apparently. To see more of these statistics for all the states in the country, you can click the link here.

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