Tya Wolf Sexton is a ninth-grade student at Triumph High and now he is the Laramie County School District 1’s Student of the Week for the week of January 28.

“I’m very excited that Wolf is a Triumph student,” Triumph Principal Troy Lake said in a statement, “I can’t wait to see him graduate!”

According to members of the nominating committee, Sexton is clever and motivated to succeed in class. When finishing homework, he often develops interesting ways to extend the assignment.

Additionally, Sexton is a Safe Schools Ambassador and sets a good example for his peers.

Triumph teachers said Sexton is very musical and artistic. They find him thorough and insightful in class discussions. In advisement, he is always the first to get to work and is honest and polite to other students. Teachers added they feel lucky to have Sexton in class because he works hard and challenges other students to ponder topics in depth.

Source: Shortgo

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