Carey Junior High eight-grader Gerardo Mendez goes out of his way to serve as a mentor by helping his fellow students get to class on time and be successful with their schoolwork. That' part of the reason he is Laramie County School District 1’s Student of the Week for the week of January 20.

Mendez is a straight “A” student. He loves English class and participates in extracurricular sports like baseball and soccer, according to members of the nominating committee.

“He encourages others and inspires everyone to be a better person by being exceptionally positive, helpful and friendly,” Carey Junior High Associate Principal Sandy Lever told Shortgo.

District officials say Mendez doesn’t allow challenges to stand in the way of accomplish his goals. They added Mendez always has a smile on his face and doesn’t hesitate to say “Hello,” or brighten someone’s day with a high five.

When he graduates from high school, Mendez would like to become a mechanic.

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