The equipment to construct the splash pad will be arriving in Mid-July, construction will start right after Cheyenne Frontier Days ends, according to Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

The equipment is being manufactured in Canada right now at Vortex Aquatic Structures. If construction starts when the equipment arrives, then it would cause Capitol Ave. to be shut down during CFD which is not a good idea.

“The equipment is going to be arriving around July 19 or 20,” Cheyenne City Council President Rocky Case told Wyoming Tribune Eagle. “The fear is if we begin construction, and let’s say the worst happens and the truck gets in a wreck between Ontario and here, then we’re going to have a great big hole in the middle of Capitol Avenue and the Plaza right at the beginning of Cheyenne Frontier Days.”

Once construction has started on the splash pad it will take six to eight weeks to complete. The expectation is to be done by the end of September.

“I think this is a wise move to make sure that the project isn’t rushed, is done correctly and doesn’t disrupt activities at Depot Plaza (in July),” Darren Rudloff, Visit Cheyenne CEO told Wyoming Tribune Eagle. “Let’s do this right. Let’s cause the least impact on activities in the plaza. Doing this in August and September will allow that to happen.”

This wouldn't have happened without the help of the city, the more than 150 individual donations, 120 business donated, and 25 civic groups donated as well. Thank you to everyone.

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