During Cheyenne Frontier Days you never know who is going to perform. Yes, there will be plenty of country music concerts, but how about rap legend Sir-Mix-A-Lot?

The 'Baby Got Back' rapper played a free concert at the Cheyenne Depot on Saturday, July 20th, as apart of the Friday's on the Plaza Extended series. No one knew what to expect, but thousands showed up for the free event. The show got underway exactly at 7:30 pm and Sir-Mix-A-Lot played until 9 pm.

The 55-year-old rapper never missed a step or lyric the entire night. The crowd was having a great time but when the beat dropped for 'Baby Got Back' that's when the whole Depot went insane. There wasn't a person there that wasn't dancing, it was a great time.

Since everything seemed to go very well, this may be the first of many more Hip Hop/Rap performances at the Depot. Before the concert got underway it was announced that legendary rap group Sugar Hill Gang is coming to Cheyenne during their 40th Anniversary World Tour. It will be another free concert in downtown over at West Edge Collective. The street will be blocked off for one big party.

Sugar Hill Gang concert is free as well and will take place on Friday, September 20th.

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