Do you have a beard or mustache that you are proud of and want to put in a competition? Then sign up for the 4th Annual Hair of the Dog Beard and Mustache Competition.

The competition will take place Saturday, June 8th in the lobby of the Cheyenne Depot Museum. There will be 10 categories total in the competition:

  • Mustache Styled- take your mustache and do a fun, funky design.
  • Mustache Natural- like it says, natural mustache. Don't do any designs or anything.  Let it lay how it grew on your face. Short Beard- six inches or shorter for your beard.
  • Short Beard Styled- Have fun with your beard and style it.
  • Full Beard- Over six inches in length.  Let it lay how it grew.
  • Full Beard Styled- Let your creativity create a masterpiece on your face.
  • Partial Beard- You grow out your beard in a different way than most.
  • Sea Captain- Full beard with either a very small mustache or known at all.
  • Whiskerinas- This is for the ladies.

Registration is the day of the show from 5 pm to 6:30 pm and the competition will go until 11 pm. It is free to attend the competition but if you would like to be in the competition it will cost $10.

For more information, you can contact Jon Puls at 307-275-1479.

Photo Credit: Frontier Facial Hair Club
Photo Credit: Frontier Facial Hair Club

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